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Abortion Pill Pack

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Abortion pill pack or so called APP, in today’s date is the most cost-effective method of abortion, the reason we call it cost-effective is because this pack not only contains the pills needed for a successful abortion but also contains the secondary set of pills that control aggravation of any side-effects caused due to the abortion procedure. This Abortion Pill Pack gives the maximum benefit by keeping the side-effects under control. Abortion with this pill pack is very beneficial for any women as they can easily terminate the pregnancy at their convenience without much effort. This pill pack can be easily used in the first trimester until the 12th week of pregnancy.

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What medicines come as a pack in this Abortion Pill Pack (APP) ?

This abortion pill pack contains a bunch of medicines together. One pill of Mifepristone 200 mg, four pills of misoprostol 200 mcg each, 1 pill of Ondansetron and Zofran that is of 4 mg, a single pill of Flexon-MR that is of 250 mg and last but not the least a single pill of Ethamsylate which is of 250 mg. This pack contains all the pills which is required before and after abortion.

How do the medications of this pill pack work?

The mifepristone pill or the anti-progestin pill stalls the production of hormone  called the progesterone in the uterus. This hormone is also known as the building hormone as this hormone helps the growth in pregnancy and it also helps to maintain the pregnancy. Once this hormone is blocked the entire pregnancy process halts and the fetus detaches from the placenta. buy abortion pill pack.

The Misoprostol pill is the synthetic prostaglandin which imitates the hormone that is responsible for creating contractions during delivery of a baby. This pill dissolves and dilutes entire tissue as well as the endometrial. The cervix dilates and widens and the entire endometrial tissue is flushed out through vaginal discharge which is bleeding.

Ondansetron or Zofran – This pill is anti-emetic drug that is effective against vomiting and nausea which is experienced as a side effect during the abortion. It Antiemetics medication are typically used to treat nausea caused due to motion sickness and the side effects of opioid analgesics, general anesthetics, and chemotherapy directed against cancer.. This also prevents the abortion pills from flushing out of the body while vomiting.

Flexon-MR – This pill is an anti-inflammatory pill that controls excessive pain and fever experienced during the abortion process. This pain killer is actually a blessing to people who undergo medical abortion as one can have a painless abortion.

Ethamsylate – This is a blood coagulant medicine, which stops excessive bleeding which may occur. Bleeding during an abortion is a normal phenomenon as the embryo needs to be expelled but in few cases the bleeding may increase than the regular volume and then this pill comes very handy.

How to take the dose of this pill?


  1. You start the abortion procedure with the first pill that is the Mifepristone pill that is required to be taken orally with a glass of water.
  2. 24 to 48 hours later you have to take the Misoprostol pills. Start with 2 pills of Misoprostol where you should keep them under the tongue so that the pills can dissolve in your mouth or in the cheeks between the cheek and gums.
  3. 3 hours later take the remaining pills of misoprostol in the same way by keeping it under the tongue or in the cheeks between the cheek and gums.
  4. You can take the Zofran or Ondansetron pill just before taking the misoprostol pill so that it controls the vomiting and you do not throw up the pills out within half an hour.
  5. Flexon-MR can be taken to control the cramping, as soon as the abdominal cramps start. You can take this medicine when you start getting a tingling pain in the stomach or feeling a being feverish.
  6. As soon as you see your bleeding has increased you can take ethamsylate so that the bleeding is controlled and excessive bleeding can be prevented.


By now you are aware of all the side-effects that you may face which are vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting with fever and stomach cramps which can be easily handled with the help of the secondary pills pack along with this kit. You may also experience diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disorders during this time because of the synthetic hormone postglandalin.

Issue of infection and Sepsis – there has been no causal relationship between the inflectional Sepsis with the usage of abortion pills such as mifepristone and misoprostol. Moreover with this pill pack there are chances which are rare of pelvic tenderness, severe abdominal pain even after the intake of the inflammation pill should be reported at the earliest.

 What are the precautionary steps before you buy abortion pill pack?

If you contemplate to terminate pregnancy with the help of Abortion Pill Pack then you should first get an ultrasound done and your pregnancy type confirmed as the uterine pregnancy as these abortion pills do not work in ectopic pregnancy.

You should have an abortion at home only if you are at-least 18 years of age or above and below 35 years. If you do not fall into this age group category, then you should not risk of getting the abortion done at home and rather seek doctor’s help.

If you have any past history of intrauterine disorders, cardiovascular problems, or problem of intense anemia or any liver disease then you should avoid this procedure and visit a doctor for proper abortion method as prescribed by the doctor.

Make sure to remove any contraceptives or IUD device if installed, before the abortion as this may increase your pelvic pain.

40 reviews for Abortion Pill Pack

  1. Patricia

    I would like to thank the customer support team for helping me with the complete procedure of abortion. They were very understanding and patient with me. Thank you so much abortionpillmeds.

  2. Hailey

    Buying abortion pill is a task in itself, because I didn’t want my privacy to be compromised, but abortionprivacy made it easy for me. They keep my personal information secure and privacy intact.

  3. Hailey

    Buying abortion pill is a task in itself, because I didn’t want my privacy to be compromised, but Abortionpillmeds made it easy for me. They keep my personal information secure and privacy intact.

  4. Kinsley

    I have never ordered medications online, but with the unwanted pregnancy and to maintain my privacy, I tried ordering from this website. The ordering process was simple, and I could choose the best one for myself, with proper descriptions provided. The abortion pills were very effective.

  5. Erica

    This website is very user friendly and allows me to navigate through the website easily. I ordered their MTP kit and it was really effective, and the quality was also great.

  6. Charlotte

    Impressed with every aspect! From shipping to pill quality and prices, this site is outstanding. Abortion Pill Pack arrived promptly, and customer service was excellent.

  7. Kate

    I’m relieved I chose the Abortion Pill Pack. It provided all I needed, including pills for nausea, pain, and bleeding control. Highly recommended for its convenience and comprehensive approach.

  8. Ella Adamson

    I am incredibly grateful that I opted for the Abortion Pill Pack. This all-inclusive package was a true lifesaver. Not only did it include the essential abortion pills, but it also came with three additional pills designed to tackle nausea, pain, and bleeding. These extras made a world of difference in managing the process. I can confidently say that this comprehensive pack exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse it to others who might be in a similar situation, as it truly encompasses all the necessary medications in one convenient package.

  9. Nora

    I recommend using an abortion pill pack as it has multiple abortion pills which makes it quite an easy task to have an abortion. When I used it, I was a little worried but I did it anyway and I’m so glad that I used it.

  10. Ella Adamson

    I am giving 5 stars to this website. They are really genuine and I got my pills in discreet packaging. What do I need else? Thank you once again. Highly recommended.

  11. Emilia

    This site is one of the best ones I stumbled upon on the internet. I even recommended it to my best friend who went through the same situation of unwanted pregnancy. She had a successful abortion.

  12. Clara Neal

    I bought the Abortion Pill Pack from here at such a good price, and I’m quite satisfied with how it works. Thank YouAbortion Pill Pack for providing such good quality medicines.

  13. Lara McGrowdie

    I used an abortion pill pack from this website and I’m amazed at how good the pills in the APP work. The procedure and instructions were quite straight and I had a smooth abortion.

  14. Florence

    The abortion pill pack had several pills but it was not at all confusing. It came with instructions that I followed carefully and in no time had a successful abortion.

  15. Chelsea

    Being a homemaker, privacy meant the world to me and at the time of abortion, the pills were thus my primary choice. Thanks abortionpillmeds for the pills.

  16. Gina

    Even if you are scared of the pain and bleeding you can ask your medical expert to recommend you a pain killer. Make sure you follow all instructions to avoid complications.

  17. Jeanne Kelly

    The store has equipped facilities for women’s care that anyone can benefit from. Thanks for the abortion pill pack.

  18. Donna

    Thank you for monitoring my requests and giving me access to Abortion Pill Pack pills in an instant.

  19. Stephanie D

    The abortion pill cost is not overbearing. So, I could manage the much-needed purchase.

  20. Adelina

    Thank you for the Abortion Pill Pack. I was able to get my abortion without any complications. Much recommended.

  21. Nicole

    Thank you for having unsuspecting professional standards for fast shipping and home delivery of abortion pills.

  22. Jenny Rhodes

    Clear and well-explanatory information on medical abortion on this site. You can read and understand before purchasing abortion pills online from this store.

  23. Stella Davis

    I was never good with pain. I had taken Ibuprofen for 2 days. On the day of the abortion, I had taken 1 Ibuprofen before inserting Misoprostol, and another after 6 hours, and the next day morning again I had taken one. Bleeding was there, but cramps were manageable only with painkillers. I had a scan after 3 weeks and my abortion was successful. Thanks to, for the fast delivery of pills, and good discounts. This site has lots of options and payment gateway options, I recommend all to try purchasing from here.

  24. Liliana Davis

    It was a genuine effort on their behalf to have assisted me with queries about medical abortion on Live Chat. Thanks.

  25. Mia Brown

    Pain varies from women to women. I guess the pills also matter, how you take the second pill, orally, or insert in the vagina. I had a pretty smooth abortion. I was 7 weeks pregnant, ordered abortion pills pack through, and took the first pill in the morning, the next day, I took a pain killer, and then after an hour took 4 pills of misoprostol orally, dissolving them in the mouth. After an hour, I had strong cramps, but it lasted for 30 minutes. During this time, I had clots in my pads. I took the shower twice, and it was soothing. I didn’t have much pain. It was like normal periods. So try taking misoprostol orally. You can order abortion pills pack from, they have great discounts and you can choose from various payment gateway options. It’s cool. All the best!

  26. Elizabeth Gray

    Standing up for women and their need for healthcare is a brave front. Thanks for keeping up with it by providing abortion pills.

  27. Emma McWilliams

    An impressionable list of abortion pills. I got the product according to my healthcare provider’s advice quite easily here.

  28. Lela

    Thanks for the delivery of abortion pills. It was on time.

  29. Stephanie

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  30. Jennifer

    It was a unanimous call for abortion, which my husband and I took for our unwanted pregnancy and both of us were comfortable with medical termination. Thanks for the medicines.

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    A must website for quality abortion pills. I have experienced their efforts first-hand and can assure you will receive genuine pills.

  35. Grace

    I had trust issues with ordering abortion pills online but talking to you guys gave me confidence and ease of mind. Thank you for staying by my side during this tough time.

  36. Mckenna

    I remember buying abortion pills online on fast shipping because I needed urgent termination of my unplanned pregnancy. Glad you came to help and provided speedy delivery.

  37. Alena

    I tested negative soon after using mtp kit. Seems like I got the right medicine for pregnancy termination.

  38. Christina

    Speedy service and effective medication abortion. Commendable pharmacy for women.

  39. Jenny

    It is handy to have an online store you can trust for your abortion medications. Thank you.

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    Have been under the water since my unexpected pregnancy. But finding the store online got me rid of all worries after buying Abortion Pill Pack.

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